Rianu CRM Features

Subscriber Management

With Rianu you can manage subscribers at different stages. From Trial users, Users to cancelled or trial over.

  • Organise and sort your subscribers into lists Depending on where they are. Trial users, Users, etc.
  • Create a subscriber with some JSON and post it into the system.
  • Add notes from the API with a title and body for the note.
  • Create and update custom fields on your subscribers.
  • Add other contact information to your subscribers.


Rianu has a powerful and handy automation process. This makes it easy to move subscribers through the funnel

  • Send trial users training emails with tips and tricks.
  • Introduce new users to features they might not have checked out.
  • End a users trial, move them to the trial over list if they haven't signed up to a full account.
  • Offer the subscribers that didn't signup a timelimited discount.
  • Alert you or your members of your team when a new user signs up.
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Custom Fields

Rianu allows you to create custom fields on the subscribers. These are great for tracking different things the users are doing.

  • Track when the users trial ends.
  • See how they have used your system. "Created an itinerary: Yes" or "Has an alert: Yes"

Email Responding

Rianu is able to send unlimited email responses because we can bolt onto your email provider. To send the emails you can connect to

  • MailGun
  • SendGrid
  • Amazon SES
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